Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Results Just In...

So I'm back in New York! Last Friday I traveled down to Sloan in NYC to have a PET and CT scan. These are getting pretty routine now (my 5th PET, and probably 10 CT's scans), and are fairly uneventful. Lots of waiting around, and sitting in machines in somewhat uncomfortable positions.

I think it was Tom Petty who sang, the waiting is the hardest part. I tried and tried to not think too much about the results, but it's tough not to get anxious. I spent a nice weekend up at Paradox over the weekend, and it was beautiful, which helped a bunch. Saturday I spent in a kayak, while Mike swam back and forth across the lake, in his prep for Ironman. Sunday we spent riding a bit up in Lake Placid, enjoying the great weather, and good conversation. Adam also joined, and as always is more fun than a barrel of monkeys. Pics and video to come soon.

So It took forever for Tuesday afternoon to get here, and the wait in the waiting room felt like an eternity. My 100-day checkup entailed a routine physical by the doc and nurses, after which I got the results of the scans...and...I'm in remission!!! Doc Moskowitz says theres no evidence of any lymphoma. So obviously I am elated, and feel extremely fortunate to have made it through all this, and finish up with such great news.

The less exciting news is that there is an odditiy on my lung , which he thinks is just damage from the radiation, but could possibly be pnemonia. So I'm on a hearty regimen on antibiotics, and have to come back in a couple of months for another CT, but basically I have the summer off, which is more than I could have ever hoped for!

I'm super excited about this news, and want to extend a huge thanks to my parents, family, and friends for all the support. There is no way I could have made it this far without you guys, and I feel blessed to have such a great support system. Love you guys!



Ryan Denner said...

phenomenal news buddy!!!!

now get on the bike :)

your new training partner

Anonymous said...


Congratulations, I knew you'd do it.

- JB Federice

Amanda Bird said...

Yay, I was elated to read the great news! So glad we were able to have dinner together the other night. Don't be stranger when you're around town, and let me know if you'll be around in the winter so I can score you some VIP tickets.


Anonymous said...

Awesome to hear Jeff!!! Congrats. Now get training and kick Denner's ass at his next race.

Tina said...

Hi Jeff,

It is people like you who keep me going and doing what I do! Great news and totally feel your excitment:)

Tina Parker
TNT San Diego

Anonymous said...

HoLLa' JeffiZZle!

YOu da Fiz-Nitz of all da Tri people! Love you Bro-
We're so happy for you!

Adam & Jill

David said...

Congrats, we all knew you could do it! Your first night out in Kalamazoo is on me :) Have a good one!